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You may ask yourselves, what the heck is this guy now doing speaking about movies on a blog that was supposed to be just a plain illustration blog. Well, that´s the point. An illustration blog in my view… Read More

“In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.” – THE HOBBIT – BBC Radio adaptation – Audio book

As an illustrator, one of the questions I get asked the most since I professionaly started on this path back in 1992, is: – “Where do you come up with this crazy stuff ?!!!” This was the top… Read More

THE LORD OF THE RINGS – BBC Radio adaptation – “One audio book to rule them all !”

MY PRECIOUS… Welcome. This will be a review for THE LORD OF THE RINGS and it´s here because the original masterwork from Tokien it´s one of my main inspiration sources for when i´m creating illustrations and so i… Read More

OLD COMICS PROJECT: Emil i Lönneberga ( Emilio of Lonneberg )

Wow, now, this is a really old one too. Another from the days long before I went digital. This one was a fast and simple Comics adaptation for the classic storybook Emilio of Lonneberga by swedish author, Astrid… Read More

Multiple choice – Adventure books Illustrations

These are a couple of Ink illustrations I did about ten years ago for one of those Ian Stevenson multiple choice adventure style books. I had a bunch more but all were lost a long time ago. These… Read More

Little Witch

This is just the first test I did on an illustration for a commissioned set of pics to illustrate a poetry childrens book some years ago. I wanted to try and see what color mood could work best… Read More


Well, my new site is up. And this time I´m in wordpress. After testing several platforms I came to the conclusion this one was the best for me for the way it allows me the perfect integration between… Read More