This is a test I created while I was learning to use “MUVIZU” which is a real fun animation software if you want to create your own animation films.

I love Muvizu, but I think it has a real handicap when it comes to characters as we can only create new ones using the internal graphic library inside the application. This and the fact that most default character design is really ugly takes a few points out of what it is generally a fantastic hands-on animation package.
Easy to learn, great to use and extremely fun to work with. Too bad about the character limitation and also the fact it´s only a PC based software and there is no MAC version which to me is the worst thing.
Nevertheless if you´re looking into experimenting with animation check MUVIZU because it´s really, really good.

I´m planning to create my own movie for ages now, but I´m still waiting for this to have a Mac version.