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Thumbnail Sketches 2

Just a few more thumbnail sketches I did a few years ago with some color or tonal variations so you can get an idea of how a complex illustration can start from simple stuff. —————————————————————————————————— If you liked… Read More

“TECH FOREST” : Making Of – Step by Step – Drawing Tutorial

Here´s another step by step painting tutorial for those of you who enjoy looking at the creative process. This is one of many ways of creating this sort of science fiction alien planet landscapes and scenery. I begun… Read More

“EVERYBODY COMES TO RICKS : ALIEN BAR” : Original sketch sample.

This was the original sketch I did for this pic and then expanded on it to set the final mood. This sketch was fingerpainted on IPad 2, using “Procreate” and finished in Photoshop CC2017 a few weeks later,… Read More

Comics pages : Scifi Artwork

Just a few pages from a comissioned comics work I did a couple years back. American comics style is really not my thing as I grew up in the 70s in the golden age of European/Belgium/French stories so… Read More

MUSEUM : Drawings from when I was a kid – “ALIEN – COMICS (Novelisation adaptation” ( 1983 – 13 years old )

I was only able to watch Ridley Scott´s “ALIEN” more than ten years after it premiered in theaters. I was too young to be allowed inside the Cinema when the movie was released and so I missed it…. Read More

“HESTIA AND THE WAR” : Old Book Illustration Project

These are from an old project which I never got to complete because I did another book instead for the same client. I created these images just to find the right mood for the project and this is… Read More

Thubnail Sketches

One of the things I love to do are these thumbnail sketches. It´s my favorite part of each illustration process even if I end up not using most of what I do, it creates a nice archive of… Read More

“RETRO ROCKET : Vintage Style Scifi” : Making Of – Step by Step

One thing that I love is old scifi from the rocket-age of science fiction, so I´m always getting inspiration from that stuff. Movies like “THINGS TO COME” or “FORBIDDEN PLANET” are among my all time favorites and are… Read More

MUSEUM : Drawings from when I was a kid – “DRACKON DAS ESTRELAS – COMICS” ( 1984 – 14 years old )

Just to scare some more potential clients away, here´s one of my old and first tries at creating comics when I was a kid. This was done around 1984 when I was barely 14 years old and it´s… Read More

Just a couple of test pics.

These are a few test pics for something I will probably be illustrating in the near future. I do a few of these everytime I get a new text to illustrate just to see if my illustration style… Read More

“THE ADVENTURES OF OWAIN TRIDWR” : Old Book Illustration project.

More artwork from an old commissioned project I did years ago. This is from the period I was learning how to illustrate in digital so it has some mixed results in it. I guess… This was done entirely… Read More

“FORMULA DINO” : Board Game

Just another old project, this time for a board game.