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AMADIS DE GAULA : Making of – Childrens Book Illustration

CHILDREN BOOK ILLUSTRATION This was one of my recent books for the Portuguese publishing market. It´s called “Amadis de Gaula : A Knight in Love” and it was written by Portuguese teatcher and history investigator Helena Lourenço based… Read More

JOHN CARTER ARENA – Sketch & Variations

These are the original sketches and some color/tonal variations for one of the illustrations I had most fun in creating this year. I´m a big John Carter fan ( both of the books and the “John Carter” of… Read More

Book Covers

These are a couple of book covers. If I could I would only paint book covers all day long. I love to create those and plan a painting to fit a specific look on a cover even if… Read More


English version available soon. For now it´s only in Portuguese folks. 😉 As there are plenty of English videos out there I wanted to do one for PT. I call this my Anti-Tutorial. For a simple reason. Usually… Read More