MUSEUM : Drawings from when I was a kid – “BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS COMICS” ( 1983 – 13 years old )

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MUSEUM : Drawings from when I was a kid – “BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS COMICS” ( 1983 – 13 years old )

Continuing to scare potential clients away, here´s a glimpse at some of my early doodlings from when I was a kid. This time, here´s the only pages I (and a friend of mine) got to do when trying to create a comics adaptation of the movie “BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS” , a Roger Corman Star Wars knock off which was released back in 1980 and which at the time was of major influence in my imagination.
So one summer when I was around 12/13 years old, me and my friend started to create this comics adaptation of the movie; and remember … all this from memory as this was made back in 1983 when something like the Internet wasn´t even dreamed in science fiction. No reference material, nothing, just what we remembered from seeing at the movie theater when we went to see the movie, maybe days, weeks or months before.
And so the result was this. Too bad we didn´t got to complete the entire movie “adaptation”…It would be fun to see the whole thing now.





Even back then because I already hated to draw characters and had no interest in creating human figures, my friend took the job of illustrating the characters and I got to do what I always loved, create the scenery, space scenes and backgrounds.

All these back in the days when we really had to use our imagination as there was nothing around for us to pick from and I only got to see the movie again recently when I got the bluray.


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