“Mil Nomes. O Guardião Do Infinito”

This is more of fan-art thing than anything else. I created this for a friend of mine, Brasilian writter J. R. Pereira who came out with a really amazing children book style novel back in 2011. “Mil Nomes, O Guardião do Infinito” was a fantasy story / short novel with a fabulous Anime/Manga feel despite being written in prose and illustrated by another Brasilian artist at the time. It´s hard to describe the originality of this concept because the novel never got the chance to be translated into English as J.R.Pereira was dead just a few months after I sent him my own rendition of his main character as a gift for a poster. Little did I know he was battling cancer when we started to chat about this work some years ago.
I loved his book so much that one day I just did my version of his character just for fun to send him.




His novel is still in print, and if you can read Portuguese and you can find it somewhere at an affordable price I totally recommend this book if you want to read about a universe that goes way beyond its initial manga/anime look.
Right now as far as I know this book has become a collectors item and its on sale in several websites at really expensive prices; here in Portugal for example it costs almost 100€ at the FNAC website.
Nevertheless if you find this book somewhere and you like fantasy this is a book to pick up.
If you can read Portuguese ( use google translator ) , check my original review for this novel I did some years ago by clicking HERE.




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