“THE ADVENTURES OF OWAIN TRIDWR” : Old Book Illustration project.


More artwork from an old commissioned project I did years ago. This is from the period I was learning how to illustrate in digital so it has some mixed results in it. I guess…
This was done entirely finger painted using the ARTRAGE app for IPad on an IPad 2.


Painting Title_007

I don´t do much black and white art nowadays but the lack of color is something that I really like and so it was fun to try to illustrate like this, even if then later I also did a color version for the special edition of the book. The dragon above was one of my first tests for this job and the initial image was just an idea for a cover or a poster.
The remaining illustrations below are from the inside of the book.

01 telling tales by the fireplace

02 dewi and witch

03 owain relaxing

04 owain falls

05 owain and dewi outside with griffin

06 owain and dewi

07 - Owain arrives

08 - Kids in bed

09 - Owain dreams of dad

09b - Dewi in the night

10 - Dewi in pantry

12b - Dewi awakes owain

11 - The Cave

12 - Owain and Bronwyn

13 - Maddox bank manager

14 - Owain touches Maddox

15 - gold

30 - Woodsman

31 - Weeds

17 - Jacob the Jew

18 - Dewi appears

22 - Owains mother

24 - Meeting the prince

25 - Prince reads list

27 - The reception

33b - The Queen

35c - Griffin

36 - Queen comes to dinner

37 - Queen kid

38 - Queen leaving

39c - Over castle

40 - Rainy on dragon

42 - Dewi turns figure on the wall_dreamy_framed

42 - Dewi with sword

43 - Icosagone table

44 - Jacob and the bad guys

49 - Oath

50 - Owain takes the oath

51 - Owain as part of the group

54 - Attack

55 - Jacob and tom

58 - Final Pic - Dinning Hall





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