MUSEUM : Drawings from when I was a kid – “ALIEN – COMICS (Novelisation adaptation” ( 1983 – 13 years old )

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I was only able to watch Ridley Scott´s “ALIEN” more than ten years after it premiered in theaters. I was too young to be allowed inside the Cinema when the movie was released and so I missed it. Because we´re taking about an Era where even VHS had not appeared yet , either we saw a movie like this when it was being screened or we would never have any other chance. So I missed it.
But I knew of its existence and I remember that this was one of those movies that I really wanted to see when I was a kid but I never got the chance. Even if the poster looked a bit scary.
Before the Internet, “my internet” was called books ! And one day around 1983 I got my hands on the movie novelization written by Alan Dean Foster (who else) and by reading that book, that was the first time I got to learn anything about the movie plot.
Because the book had about six or eight photographs from the movie I decided to make my own comics adaptation of the book.
This is why you look at my comics pages below and you see some things resembling the original sets and scenery and others which I depicted in a complete different way, like “my Nostromo”. The funny thing is that I seemed to have managed to illustrate the computer “mother” room with almost the same exact look it has in the movie and that came out just of my imagination.
So anyway here it is. I never got to finish this, because at 13 I was always looking to create new scifi projects of my own and so these are the only pages I created.







I wonder how I would have depicted the Alien itself ?… We´ll never know now…