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Goodbye Photoshop, Hello Clip Studio Paint : “West of Oz – Do Not Feed The Fish” – Third Clip Studio painting.

Continuing to test my new Clip Studio Paint here´s another pic I just did. I guess my, “West of Oz” idea is becoming a series of pics now, so here´s another one : “WEST OF OZ – DO… Read More

Goodbye Photoshop, Hello Clip Studio Paint : “West of Oz – Fields of Green” – Second Clip Studio painting.

Continuing to explore Clip Studio Paint I´m trying my best to leave Photoshop behind and migrate to this amazing painting software. It has a few drawbacks when compared to Photoshop ( the “Gausian Blur” effect in CSP is… Read More

Goodbye Photoshop, Hello Clip Studio Paint : “West of Oz” – First Clip Studio painting.

And after more than 15 years using Photoshop for most of my original illustration/concept-art work stuff, I´m replacing it with Clip Studio Paint ( also known as Manga Studio in Japan ). It can do most of the… Read More

“Restaurant / Front Concept”

Not my usual line of work, but now and then I get asked to create a mockup illustration for an architectural project. So these couple of sketches were done a few weeks ago for a new restaurant in… Read More

“Life is a Journey” – Graphic Project

This is a peculiar old project. Although I tend to work mostly in traditional illustration even when it´s done in digital, now and then someone asks me to do a more graphic project, based on mixed techniques such… Read More

No Man´s Sky – Procedural generated video game as a creative tool you didn´t expect.

For today a topic that many will perhaps find surprinsing. Particularly those who couldn´t care less about videogames or don´t even know this one exists. This post is mostly for those people and not for anyone who already… Read More