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SKETCH : “West of Oz” – Pic 6 : Work in Progress Phase IV

Almost done. At this point I got inspired by the magic forest from the movie “LEGEND” and as usual by the Neverending Story book and movie. Here´s the final steps for this pic which I now call “West… Read More

OLD WORK : Test ANIMATICs for “Afonsinho Explica” project.

First animatics test I ever created for a company project I was working for several years ago. It´s just an extremely rough-draft type thing/animated storyboard animatics to plan an intro animation for a children book interactive educational product… Read More

SKETCH : “West of Oz” – Pic 6 : Work in Progress Phase III

I think that finally this is now starting to take shape and going into a direction I like. I was having problems in trying to keep the idea of a vast landscape because my main characters now dominated… Read More