Here´s an old pic I had around for ages and which I decided to finish because I´m currently filling my portfolio with movie poster illustrations as a base for an online illustration workshop I´m planning too.
This was related to one of my favorite modern low budget independent space operas, the movie HUMANITY´S END as I always had this idea for a sequel and so when I met Neil Johnson the director online it was the perfect excuse to send him my movie plug for another movie.
So this is my fake movie poster for a sequel that I wished already existed. 😉



You can check my original movie review and although it´s in Portuguese you can use my online google translator to get a general idea about why I love this movie and characters.
Oh..and the soundtrack is amazing !

I rarely do “fan art” , almost never actually but I had this unfinished pic around for ages and recently when talking with the director Neil Johnson online I mentioned to him that I had this around and so I decided to polish it.
Also my ClipStudio Paint got a new update and it was a good way to test it.
Besides the only fan part here in this new pic are actually the Sienna and Hoagland characters, the hero and the floating robot. Everything else is part of my own imagination and universe as I love to insert my own landscapes to create almost like an alternative version of the original product.

I absolutely love to create scifi cover art and illustrate movie posters based on stuff that does not exist and so this one was my take on a possible sequel for the Sienna adventures if they would be done with my visual colorful style instead.



If you are a potential illustration client, if you are looking for an affordable children book artist , concept illustrator or need a freelance artist to work on a pod project ( I do not descriminate print on demand material for sure; I love it ); do not forget to take a look at my illustration portfolio (Fantasy or Childrens Book art ) and I´m always available to discuss future work.
If you have a dream, no matter what your budget is don´t hesitate to contact me and let´s see what we can do.









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