This is another making of video from “THE HIDDEN SPACESHIP” book. Actually this is not exactly complete because my computer crashed the screen recording process when I was about at 80% of the image and I was not able to recover the final making of details but nevertheless this gives you a good idea of how this particularly image was done.

Once again all done in Clip Studio Paint, alson known as the old Manga Studio. I´ve stopped illustrating children books in Photoshop, mostly because that software has become so heavy that my computer can hardly handle the necessary memory it takes it for me to create a 10.000 pixel wide image like this in it.
In Clip Studio Paint it´s the oposite, the whole software is so light that it´s amazing how we can paint with it as smoothly as if I was back into my traditional stuff of earlier days.
Nowadays I only use Photoshop when I do composite texture work or for some concept art stuff. Other thant that Clip Studio Paint is the software to go.




If you are a potential illustration client, if you are looking for an affordable children book artist , concept illustrator or need a freelance artist to work on a pod project ( I do not descriminate print on demand material for sure; I love it ); do not forget to take a look at my illustration portfolio (Fantasy or Childrens Book art ) and I´m always available to discuss future work.
If you have a dream, no matter what your budget is don´t hesitate to contact me and let´s see what we can do.










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