Beware of the Nose-Biting Monster!

Some of the pics created for The Nose-Biting Monster!: A Sweet and Silly Story about Love and Communication written by Jay Miletsky some years ago, currently available at

Spread 12c - Nose_Biting_MonsterSpread 1c - Nose_Biting_MonsterSpread 6d - Nose_Biting_MonsterSpread 7b - Nose_Biting_MonsterSpread 6cV4 - Nose_Biting_MonsterSpread 9c - Nose_Biting_MonsterSpread 11d - Nose_Biting_MonsterSpread 8c - Nose_Biting_MonsterSpread 10d - Nose_Biting_MonsterSpread 6bV4 - Nose_Biting_Monster





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