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“ATTACK ALL HUMANS” – BOARD GAME – Atlantis Expansion

Here´s some initial work I´ve been doing for the new expansions of the upcoming board game “ATTACK ALL HUMANS”. This first expansion is all about Ancient Aliens themes and so this first one is my take on Atlantis…. Read More

The Searchers – Scifi Cover Art Illustration

This is my first 2019 pic and it was just done for fun and for portfolio. Inspired by the classic John Wayne western “The Searchers” this is my scifi take on it and the idea was to also… Read More

“ATTACK ALL HUMANS” – Board game Illustration 3 – Tonal variations.

Another one of the digital paintings I did many months ago for the “ATTACK ALL HUMANS” board game, now in its test phase. These are a few of the tonal variations I played with to experiment with colors… Read More

Goodbye Photoshop, Hello Clip Studio Paint : “West of Oz – Do Not Feed The Fish” – Third Clip Studio painting.

Continuing to test my new Clip Studio Paint here´s another pic I just did. I guess my, “West of Oz” idea is becoming a series of pics now, so here´s another one : “WEST OF OZ – DO… Read More

“SPACEPORT” : Concept Illustration – Step by Step – from an old vintage photo to a spaceport on an jungle alien world.

“SPACEPORT” : Concept Illustration – Step by Step – from an old photo to a spaceport on an jungle alien world. And here´s another step-by-step depiction of the creative process behind one of my images. This time I… Read More