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Recently completed map for an upcoming board game. Here´s some of the images and a sneak peek at the making of too because I know there´s a lot of people out there who enjoy to see how this… Read More


This is the Area-51 pic created for the new ATTACK ALL HUMANS – Board Game Expansion. Here are three slightly different tonal variations I came up with. The game is still being tested, but if you want to… Read More

“ATTACK ALL HUMANS” – Board game Illustration 6 – Tonal variations.

Who doesn´t love some good old alien cow abduction ? Yet another painting I did many months ago for the “ATTACK ALL HUMANS” board game, now in its test phase. These are a few of the tonal variations… Read More

Watch the Skies ! – Board Game work.

These are some of the illustrations I did for a brand new board game project of which I cannot talk about it yet. I did this last year but only now I have the authorization to post this… Read More