LOST IN THE CAVE – Childrens book

These are a few images out of a children book project I did last year. This was a fun one because it allowed me to do a bunch of scenery and background artwork as those are my favorite things when it comes to illustration.

Chapt 02_FB850X

Chapt 04_FB850X

Chapt 05_FB850X

Chapt 06_FB850X

Chapt 07_FB850X

Chapt 08_FB850X

Chapt 10_FB850X

Chapt 11_FB850X

Chapt 12_FB850X

Chapt 16_FB850X

Chapt 14_FB850X

Chapt 13_FB850X

Chapt 18_FB850X

And here are a few vertical variations for the same project. As this was done for Ipad, I had to create horizontal and vertical versions of the paintings; also to be used on Iphone and such. So here´s some of the vertical versions for the pics above.

Chapt 02_VERT-850X

Chapt 04_VERT-850X

Chapt 05_VERT-850X

Chapt 06_VERT-850X

Chapt 07_VERT-850X

Chapt 08_VERT-850X

Chapt 10_VERT-850X

Chapt 11_VERT-850X

Chapt 12_VERT-850X

Chapt 16_VERT-850X

Chapt 14_VERT-850X

Chapt 13_VERT-850X

Chapt 18_VERT-850X



If you are a potential illustration client, if you are looking for an affordable children book artist , concept illustrator or need a freelance artist to work on a pod project ( I do not descriminate print on demand material for sure; I love it ); do not forget to take a look at my illustration portfolio (Fantasy or Childrens Book art ) and I´m always available to discuss future work.
If you have a dream, no matter what your budget is don´t hesitate to contact me and let´s see what we can do.