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“WEST OF OZ 9 : PINK BUNNY MECH BORDER PATROL” My HUION GT221 PRO has just arrived. So this is my first test pic with it. It´s a lot different from my old GT220 in the sense that… Read More

“WEST OF OZ : PIC 8 – ROCKET TOWN” Making of.

So here´s the complete step by step making of for this brand new one. This is actually a good example of one of my ideas change overtime during the making of an image and why I don´t plan… Read More

SKETCH : “West of Oz ” – Pic 8 : Work in Progress – Phase I

Just another pic for myself I´m working on. I´m in the middle of another complex children book commission, of which as it tends to be, I cannot show anything on my pages yet  because contractual reasons and so… Read More

“ALISON the SEA TURTLE” – Childrens Book Artwork

Just a glimpse of what I can show out of an old project for what was to be an upcoming new publishing company years ago but which I never got to ear from anymore. They had a bunch… Read More