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LOST IN THE CAVE – Childrens book

These are a few images out of a children book project I did last year. This was a fun one because it allowed me to do a bunch of scenery and background artwork as those are my favorite… Read More

“THE ADVENTURES OF DEWI TRIDWR” : Old Book Illustration project.

“THE ADVENTURES OF DEWI TRIDWR” : Old Book Illustration project. This is another old one. It´s actually one of the first books I did in digital when I was transitioning from traditional illustration. This book ( with the… Read More

“BEWARE OF THE NOSE BITING MONSTER” : Page MAKING OF – from Doodles and Sketches to the final illustration.

“BEWARE OF THE NOSE BITING MONSTER” : Page MAKING OF – from Doodles and Sketches to the final illustration. Here´s some pages from a recent completed childrens book. Many of the sketches I show here belong to pages… Read More

Just a couple of test pics.

These are a few test pics for something I will probably be illustrating in the near future. I do a few of these everytime I get a new text to illustrate just to see if my illustration style… Read More

“THE ADVENTURES OF OWAIN TRIDWR” : Old Book Illustration project.

More artwork from an old commissioned project I did years ago. This is from the period I was learning how to illustrate in digital so it has some mixed results in it. I guess… This was done entirely… Read More

Drawing Tutorial : “OZ – Looking for Dorothy” – Making of

And this time here´s the step-by-step process from  my OZ pic. It´s called “Looking for Dorothy”. It´s more or less self-explanatory as a drawing tutorial so I hope everyone understands the several creative choices I went through from… Read More

“ROBOT GARDEN” : Original sketches and final artwork.

This was one of the first illustrations when I started to illustrate full time after my in between time where I used to design hospitality software for a software house while working in part-time freelance illustration. This “ROBOT… Read More

OLD COMICS PROJECT: Emil i Lönneberga ( Emilio of Lonneberg )

Wow, now, this is a really old one too. Another from the days long before I went digital. This one was a fast and simple Comics adaptation for the classic storybook Emilio of Lonneberga by swedish author, Astrid… Read More

Little Witch

This is just the first test I did on an illustration for a commissioned set of pics to illustrate a poetry childrens book some years ago. I wanted to try and see what color mood could work best… Read More