“THE MASTERPIECE” – Written by Jay Miletsky , Illustrated by Luis Peres. A video first look.

What you´re looking at is one of my new books which is about to be released in the United States, written by Jay Miletsky and it´s part of a more extensive children´s books series to be continued.

I´m currently completing illustrating book 2 which will come out in August of this year and soon there will be more news regarding these same characters as there are some plans out there for some extra stuff coming out of this concept.

Page turn first look out of printer.

Actually this is a book sponsored by the REED FOUNDATION for Autism (https://reedfoundationforautism.org/) base in the United States and although it´s not one of those “in your face” type stories the subjacent theme can be read as something related to that.

I had a ton of fun illustrating this and working with the author, Jay Miletsky has been a blast. We now have three books togheter and hopefuly there will be plenty more in the future.

I´ll post images of the book soon and a link for amazon once this book 1 comes out.


If you are a potential illustration client, if you are looking for an affordable children book artist , concept illustrator or need a freelance artist to work on a pod project ( I do not descriminate print on demand material for sure; I love it ); do not forget to take a look at my illustration portfolio (Fantasy or Childrens Book art ) and I´m always available to discuss future work.
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