“CRUSADER” : MATTE PAINTING Test & Color / Tonal varations

“CRUSADER” : MATTE PAINTING Test & Color / Tonal varations

Although most of my work is done purely in “traditional” illustration despite me using digital painting techniques to draw and render my fantasy/science-fiction/Children´s-Book artwork, one area that fascinates me is that of matte-paiting when it conserns the extension of landscapes that can also be generated with photo collage , sometimes photo-bashing at their base.

matte 01-cinematic-lucid

So this an experiment of mine in creating fantasy landscape using all sorts of image manipulation with a lot of “traditional painting” on top of everything to make all the elements come togheter in one single piece. Usually you see these types of images done for movies, either for concept art or for final renders you get to see on the screen.
Here´s some tonal and color variations that can be achieved digitaly after the original digital painting/illustration is rendered initialy.

matte 01-adjust
matte 01-bw1
matte 01-cinematic-distant
matte 01-bw3
matte 01-classic-dawn-light
matte 01-classic-mini-oven
matte 01-classic-nostalgic
matte 01-classic-pitsburgh
matte 01-classic-whisper
matte 01-classix-mini-oven2
matte 01-crusader-food
matte 01-crusader-theater
matte 01-disposable-olden
matte 01-lightleaken-boken
matte 01-lomo-blue-sepia
matte 01-lomo-lomo
matte 01-lomo-nashville
matte 01-lomo-sepia-glow
matte 01-lomo-sutro fx
matte 01-mono-noir
matte 01-retro-pale-ocre
matte 01-retro-purple
matte 01-retro-warm
matte 01-serenity-bloom
matte 01-serenity-degraded
matte 01-vintage-sepia1

I plan to create more images with this technique later when I get to find the time to do it in between my regular illustration commissions.


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