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“Strangers in the Night” – Frank Sinatra, Blade Runner and Film Noir

As I´ve been getting a lot of requests from people who want to buy my tutorials on how I create this sort of landscapes, this new image ended up being like a test of mine for several techniques… Read More

“ATTACK ALL HUMANS” – Board game Illustration – Tonal variations

This is one of the digital paintings I did many months ago for the “ATTACK ALL HUMANS” board game, now in its test phase. These are a few of the tonal variations I played with to experiment with… Read More


“WEST OF OZ 9 : PINK BUNNY MECH BORDER PATROL” My HUION GT221 PRO has just arrived. So this is my first test pic with it. It´s a lot different from my old GT220 in the sense that… Read More

“WEST OF OZ 8 : ROCKET TOWN” – Variations

“WEST OF OZ 8 : ROCKET TOWN” And here it goes another brand new one. All painted with Clip Studio Paint as usual as I totally left Photoshop behind for good. Click on the image below to see… Read More

Goodbye Photoshop, Hello Clip Studio Paint : “West of Oz – Tree of Knowledge” – Fourth Clip Studio painting.

And yet another Clip Studio Paint illustration. Still ajusting to this brand new software after years working with Photoshop. So here´s one pic more inspired by the Oz ( and The Neverending Story ) universe(s). It seems at… Read More

“MONUMENTS OF MARS : TERRAFORMING TECH – GAIA 2” – Illustration / Concept Artwork.

“MONUMENTS OF MARS : TERRAFORMING TECH – GAIA 2” – Illustration / Concept Artwork. When I did my recent Mars pic, I mirrored one side of the image and suddenly come up with a big column at the… Read More

“MONUMENTS OF MARS : FUTURE PAST” – Illustration / Concept Artwork

“MONUMENTS OF MARS : FUTURE PAST” – Illustration / Concept Artwork I have this illustration book project for years “MONUMENTS OF MARS“, based on my own interest on the classic fringe topic and so now and then in… Read More

Book Covers

These are a couple of book covers. If I could I would only paint book covers all day long. I love to create those and plan a painting to fit a specific look on a cover even if… Read More