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SKETCH : “West of Oz – Pic 4” : Phase II

Continuing to create my new illustration here´s my original sketch taken to another detail level. I´m picking up details and them zoom them out adding new stuff around. Of course I´m sure that as usual none of this… Read More

“ANCIENT ALIENS ON THE MOON” : Making Of – Step by Step

ANCIENT ALIENS ON THE MOON Here goes another step-by-step making of for everyone that enjoys to learn how these illustrations are made. There is a ton of different illustration techniques to achieve the same result but this is… Read More

Drawing Tutorial : “Finding Nemo” – Making of

Drawing Tutorial : “Finding Nemo” – Making of Here´s the step-by-step process from one of my illustrations. It´s more or less self-explanatory as a drawing tutorial so I hope everyone understands the several creative choices I went through… Read More

WORK IN PROGRESS: Blade Runner Magic Noir…

This is one of the ideas I have floating around here for sometime. Just your typical Blade Runner style environment but with a touch of magic setting. I don´t seem to get it right somehow and so this… Read More