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Goodbye Photoshop, Hello Clip Studio Paint : “West of Oz – Do Not Feed The Fish” – Third Clip Studio painting.

Continuing to test my new Clip Studio Paint here´s another pic I just did. I guess my, “West of Oz” idea is becoming a series of pics now, so here´s another one : “WEST OF OZ – DO… Read More

“EDEN WORLD/TREE WORLD” – Work in progress/Work on halt. :)

This is from a personal project that I have in my imagination for years but I don´t have time to work on it and so it´s still kept in the drawer. This is so old that it´s even… Read More

THE LORD OF THE RINGS – BBC Radio adaptation – “One audio book to rule them all !”

MY PRECIOUS… Welcome. This will be a review for THE LORD OF THE RINGS and it´s here because the original masterwork from Tokien it´s one of my main inspiration sources for when i´m creating illustrations and so i… Read More