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SKETCH : “West of Oz” – Pic 6 : Work in Progress Phase III

I think that finally this is now starting to take shape and going into a direction I like. I was having problems in trying to keep the idea of a vast landscape because my main characters now dominated… Read More

SKETCH : “West of Oz – Pic 4”

I´m not exactly a sketchbook artist. Most of my sketches tend to lead nowhere and what usually happens is that 99% of all my illustration work that starts with some kind of sketch or pre-planning stage will inevitably… Read More

Thubnail Sketches

One of the things I love to do are these thumbnail sketches. It´s my favorite part of each illustration process even if I end up not using most of what I do, it creates a nice archive of… Read More

“EDEN WORLD/TREE WORLD” – Work in progress/Work on halt. :)

This is from a personal project that I have in my imagination for years but I don´t have time to work on it and so it´s still kept in the drawer. This is so old that it´s even… Read More


Back in 1996 after we completed the work on what became the first PC Video Game professionally produced in Portugal “GAMBYS“; the company decided to start another project. These are some of the initial ballpen detailed doodles I… Read More