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“WEST OF OZ 9 : PINK BUNNY MECH BORDER PATROL” My HUION GT221 PRO has just arrived. So this is my first test pic with it. It´s a lot different from my old GT220 in the sense that… Read More

“GAMBYS” – The Children Book : Work in Progress

“GAMBYS” – The Children Book : Work in Progress For years I´ve thinking of creating a childrens book based on the original characters I did for the original “GAMBYS” game; which 25 years ago was the first professional… Read More

SKETCH : “West of Oz – Midnight Harbour” – Pic 7 : Work in Progress – Phase I

Continuing to create these pics to relax between commissioned illustration work, here´s the first steps for yet another West of Oz pic of mine which I just started. Work in progress. Stay tuned for more tomorrow. To be… Read More

Goodbye Photoshop, Hello Clip Studio Paint : “West of Oz – Choir Practice” – Fifth Clip Studio painting.

And here it is. I think I´m starting to get the grasp with this Clip Studio Paint now that I´ve abandoned Photoshop for good after more than a decade illustrating all my stuff with Adobe. This is the… Read More

Secondary concept art / sketchbook tests or illustrations I didn´t used.

Secondary concept art / sketchbook tests or illustrations I didn´t used. When you work fulltime in illustration you end up doing a ton of stuff you never show anyone. Either test pics, speedpainting images, illustration experiments or just… Read More

“RUSTING WORLD” : Early concept sketches for an old Video Game project.

About 25 years ago, when computers had 256 color screens and were just leaving the age of the old green screen MS-DOS style monitors; I worked for a company that developed not only the first Portuguese PC Video… Read More


Back in 1996 after we completed the work on what became the first PC Video Game professionally produced in Portugal “GAMBYS“; the company decided to start another project. These are some of the initial ballpen detailed doodles I… Read More

THE LORD OF THE RINGS – BBC Radio adaptation – “One audio book to rule them all !”

MY PRECIOUS… Welcome. This will be a review for THE LORD OF THE RINGS and it´s here because the original masterwork from Tokien it´s one of my main inspiration sources for when i´m creating illustrations and so i… Read More