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This is another making of video from “THE HIDDEN SPACESHIP” book. Actually this is not exactly complete because my computer crashed the screen recording process when I was about at 80% of the image and I was not… Read More


Many people ask me how to start illustrating for a children book, so this is an example of how I start to illustrate a book. I´m not actually one of those illustrators who do a lot of pre-planning… Read More


Here´s an example of the type of pics I don´t do very often as they require a lot of human character figures which is something I have not much interest in creating (or talent for) as I preffer… Read More


Here´s a breakdown of most steps I took to do this “WEST OF OZ 9 : PINK BUNNY MECH BORDER PATROL” pic. As usual I don´t do any sketches or plan a thing and I just paint until… Read More

“WEST OF OZ : PIC 8 – ROCKET TOWN” Making of.

So here´s the complete step by step making of for this brand new one. This is actually a good example of one of my ideas change overtime during the making of an image and why I don´t plan… Read More

SKETCH : “West of Oz – Midnight Harbour” – Pic 7 : Work in Progress – Phase II

Still trying to figure out what this one will become. I had an initial idea but I´m trying to experiment with some different stuff at this stage still. I like the dog creature but I´m not exactly sure… Read More

SKETCH : “West of Oz – Midnight Harbour” – Pic 7 : Work in Progress – Phase I

Continuing to create these pics to relax between commissioned illustration work, here´s the first steps for yet another West of Oz pic of mine which I just started. Work in progress. Stay tuned for more tomorrow. To be… Read More

Goodbye Photoshop, Hello Clip Studio Paint : “West of Oz – South of Fantasia” – Sixth Clip Studio painting.

And here it goes. Here´s the final illustration I´ve been working on the last few days just to relax between another book project I´m doing right now and which has nothing to do with this image now. 🙂… Read More

SKETCH : “West of Oz” – Pic 6 : Work in Progress Phase IV

Almost done. At this point I got inspired by the magic forest from the movie “LEGEND” and as usual by the Neverending Story book and movie. Here´s the final steps for this pic which I now call “West… Read More

SKETCH : “West of Oz” – Pic 6

I have no idea of what this is but I just started to doodle it and so let´s see where it goes. Here are the first stages of this new… something… —————————————————————————————————— AVAILABLE FOR ILLUSTRATION WORK If you… Read More

SKETCH : “West of Oz – Pic 4” : Phase III – Work in progress

And here´s the continuation of my work in progress for a brand new pic. Let´s see how this one will look in the end after I´m done with it. Check part 1 and part 2 of this ongoing… Read More

“MONUMENTS OF MARS : FUTURE PAST” – Illustration / Concept Artwork – Making Of / Step-by-Step creative breakdown.

“MONUMENTS OF MARS : FUTURE PAST” – Illustration / Concept Artwork – Making Of / Step-by-Step creative breakdown. And here´s the possible step-by-step creative breakdown out of my almost random painting process when it comes to this more… Read More