Well, my new site is up. And this time I´m in wordpress. After testing several platforms I came to the conclusion this one was the best for me for the way it allows me the perfect integration between a regular portfolio site for my artwork and all the power a wordpress blog has.


So this will now be my home. My idea is to use the site as my porfolio to showcase some of my artwork around but also to play with the blog and not only post some tutorials when I get the time to create them, but also talk about all the stuff that inspires me.
I get a lot of questions from people wanting to learn how to get into this illustration thing; how to carve your own niche and all that and so I´ll try to post some articles based on my experience. It´s just my point of view, but one thing that I found over the years illustrating professionally as a freelancer is that the world is really big and so the good news is there is room for everyone.
The bad news… the world is really big. 🙂

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Also on this blog, you´ll find articles about stuff that inspires me to create my artwork. I get a ton of inspiration from books, music and of course movies along with talk radio and audio books and so to answer the old question : where do you get your ideas from ?… I´ll be posting some reviews on those things too.

So this being a blog about illustration is also a blog about what inspires me to illustrate and so don´t expect a technical thing all the time.

I do a lot of hiking so you will be seeing some photos from my expeditions around my area always in search of lost beaches to swim on and so expect anything that has something to do with the art of illustrating. It´s not all about skills and technique but also about inspiration and so this is my idea behind this blog.


As long as you are reading this, you might care to know that I have a fully free fantasy comics up there waiting for you to download the 4 books I illustrated some years ago, so go get it. If you love crazy sci-fi / fantasy stuff you´ll probably enjoy my “ONCE UPON A TIME ON MARS” 180 page comics saga.


Other than that you can find plenty of illustrations I did over the years since I started back in 1992 and so don´t forget to take a look at my sci-fi / fantasy / childrens book portfolios too. Besides the main galleries there´s also a few book projects for you to browse like for examploe “A Comet´s Tale” so if you enjoy imaginary worlds just dive into my website at will.

And if you have a project for me, Hey, I´m a freelance illustrator !!
Contact me today.