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“GAMBYS” – The Children Book : Work in Progress

“GAMBYS” – The Children Book : Work in Progress For years I´ve thinking of creating a childrens book based on the original characters I did for the original “GAMBYS” game; which 25 years ago was the first professional… Read More

Goodbye Photoshop, Hello Clip Studio Paint : “West of Oz” – First Clip Studio painting.

And after more than 15 years using Photoshop for most of my original illustration/concept-art work stuff, I´m replacing it with Clip Studio Paint ( also known as Manga Studio in Japan ). It can do most of the… Read More

Secondary concept art / sketchbook tests or illustrations I didn´t used.

Secondary concept art / sketchbook tests or illustrations I didn´t used. When you work fulltime in illustration you end up doing a ton of stuff you never show anyone. Either test pics, speedpainting images, illustration experiments or just… Read More

Mix: Very Old Doodles, Sketches, Scribbles, Tests and stuff 1…

Very Old Doodles and Sketches and stuff 1… Sketches I did back on my army days or earlier back in the late 80s early 90s perhaps… I found an old folder with some small scans of a few… Read More

“MONUMENTS OF MARS : TERRAFORMING DAYS” – Illustration / Concept Art

“MONUMENTS OF MARS : TERRAFORMING DAYS” As I´ll be illustrating for a board game next before I started that project I wanted to warm up so I created another of my Martian illustrations which I plan to turn… Read More

“CRUSADER” : MATTE PAINTING Test & Color / Tonal varations

“CRUSADER” : MATTE PAINTING Test & Color / Tonal varations Although most of my work is done purely in “traditional” illustration despite me using digital painting techniques to draw and render my fantasy/science-fiction/Children´s-Book artwork, one area that fascinates… Read More

“HESTIA AND THE WAR” : Old Book Illustration Project

These are from an old project which I never got to complete because I did another book instead for the same client. I created these images just to find the right mood for the project and this is… Read More

Thubnail Sketches

One of the things I love to do are these thumbnail sketches. It´s my favorite part of each illustration process even if I end up not using most of what I do, it creates a nice archive of… Read More

Just a couple of test pics.

These are a few test pics for something I will probably be illustrating in the near future. I do a few of these everytime I get a new text to illustrate just to see if my illustration style… Read More

“EDEN WORLD/TREE WORLD” – Work in progress/Work on halt. :)

This is from a personal project that I have in my imagination for years but I don´t have time to work on it and so it´s still kept in the drawer. This is so old that it´s even… Read More

Drawing Tutorial : “OZ – Looking for Dorothy” – Making of

And this time here´s the step-by-step process from  my OZ pic. It´s called “Looking for Dorothy”. It´s more or less self-explanatory as a drawing tutorial so I hope everyone understands the several creative choices I went through from… Read More