Poster Artwork : Scifi Concept Art / 2001 A Space Odyssey / The Neverending Story inspired epic space scene.

This was my last Photoshop big painting before I moved into Clip Studio Paint. I love to create these epic space scenes and this one started also in Blender as I had created a space station model and I wanted to see how I could paint something based on that.
Then the need for this image came along and I thought it would be the perfect reason to try it out.
I love space art and in particularly vast epic scenery and backgrounds. I like a lot to build images based on little details, sometimes nothing more than silhouettes but I find them perfect to add scale to each of the imaginary universes I create.


Despite the obvious 2001 Space Odyssey inspiration you can relate too at first glance in fact this concept art painting has more to do with The Neverending Story than you can imagine by reading this.
If you know about that 1984 classic fantasy movie, ( and book ) , you´ll remember the first image of the Ivory Tower. Well that concept art matte painting thing changed my life when I was 14 and that is the reason why I wanted to became an illustrator. To create epic worlds like that.

There´s always a little bit of The Neverending Story in all my artworks and in this case despite the 2001 Monolith as the central piece if you know about the Neverending Story movie you´ll remember the floating asteroids scene at the end with the Ivory still standing floating alone among the stars. Well it´s no coincidence I´ve mixed both the Monolith here ( I needed it for the logo ) and the whole rusty color silhouette space background with that epic slab floating on a piece of rock.

Also there´s a bit of Flash Gordon in it too with the retro-50s-scifi rockets in there which I love to paint all the time too.

The foreground was the most difficult thing on this piece. It took forever to find the right balance between the characters and the focus of the image which should be the space scene outside.
Overall I do like the end result , which is not that usual as I tend to dislike all my paintings once they are finished.



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