MUSEUM : Drawings from when I was a kid – “INFINITY STARSHIP” ( 1983 / 13 years old )

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I created these back in 1983 when I was 13 years old.
Long before the internet, long before video-games, even before VHS or Home-Video, we only had two things to help us make us dream about the stars. Either we went to the movies ( and there weren´t many out there about space exploration done properly ) or we stayed at home, read books, comics or watched “SPACE 1999” on TV when it was on.

To me “SPACE 1999” was the main thing where I kept getting inspiration for my attempts at creating my own artwork and so this drawings you see below not only were my attempt to create something like a starship similar to Moon-Base-Alpha in concept ( mixed with 60s Star Trek ) but what you are looking at are also my first attempts to learn how to use color pencils.

Since I was a kid , I didn´t cared about creating characters and I always wanted to design the imaginary worlds they lived in instead. So at my 13 years of age this was another of my attempts to create something based on scenery and atmosphere. I remember I had a ton of fun dreaming about these corridors and rooms and this little project of mine was also the start for me in trying to learn about perspective.
I had no access to books, art schools or reference material at all these days and so these drawings came only from my imagination ( reading a lot of sci-fi novels at the time also helped ).

I hope you enjoyed this brief example of what type of pics I was doing when I was 13 years old. More drawings and comics from when I was a kid to come in the future.
As the great Criswell used to say in “PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE”: – “Future events such as these, will afect you in the future.”