MUSEUM : Drawings from when I was a kid – “Battle in the Galaxy – M88 : COMICS” ( 1981 – 11 years old )

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Hopefully everyone is still on a big hangover and nobody will notice this post because I will start this new 2018 year featuring some more of my drawings from when I was a kid.
What you see below was another of my old atempt at comics from when I was 11 years old back in 1981.
As you might see it has some “Star Wars” influences in it of course; but not just from that as at the time I was watching all sorts of space operas in theaters like “Starcrash“; “Battle Beyond the Stars“, “The Humanoid“, etc and all these were very much engraved into my imagination forever.
Because there was no internet at the time, the VHS hadn´t even arrived and my only country only had one TV channel so no movies there except at wednesdays when it was “movie night” and we got all the James Cagney gangster movies over and over again.
If a kid like me wanted to have something related to scifi to play with or look at we had to invent our own stories “and movies” and so, trying my best at creating comics was my way of having that space experience and I spent a lot of time doing stuff like this you will see next.











I remember that this atempt of mine at comics here was inspired by a big marvel comic black and white book I had ( and still have here ) which was the comics adaptation of Star Wars and so this is why this story starts with a corridor laser fight scene too as it was the way the second half of that movie adaptation begun with, with Han Solo shooting stormtroopers on the Death Star corridor.
This is actually “a sequel” for another story I did some month before and actually I never got to complete this one. I did the first pages you saw above with the start of the adventure and then I did the last page of that story. I was going to do the middle but then somehow some other kid stuff got in the way I guess.