POETRY BOOK ILLUSTRATION – MIX MEDIA – Traditional / Digital… and more….

These are a few images I created several years ago for a poetry book which is something that does not come my way often. Poetry is the most difficult thing in the world to illustrate because the original source material is always so personal that when it comes to translate the poet emotions into something visual the end result ends up becoming very subjective.
Because of that, I knew I simply could not just do a regular drawing as that would be the easy way out and what most everyone does in this cases. Also because I knew that if I did it fully digital that would turn everything a bit artificial which contrasted too much with the poetry so the solution was to go with a crazy mix between : traditional pencil drawing / digital painting / digital texture work / photoshop “shapes” / photoshop “watercolor” brushes / clipart items ( like some silhouetes for example ) and then scan and mix everything in Photoshop, painting on top of that to give the final touch.

07 FT-suspiro_750xFB

01 FT-Esta noite_750xFB

05 FT-sera que compreendi_750xFB

06 FT-ha sempre uma lagrima_750xFB

02 FT-Caminhar sem destino_750xFB

04 FT-Efemera e a vida_750xFB

08 FT-silencio_750xFB

09 FT-parte do mundo_750xFB

10 FT-horas sem sentido_750xFB

11 FT-shiuu_750xFB

12 FT-a noite cai_750xFB

13 FT-nas silabas ocas_750xFB

14 FT-na reflexao_750xFB

15 FT-medusas esvoacantes_750xFB

16 FT-sopro_750xFB

pt2-02 um sonho q vivi_750xFB

pt2-03 ainda que tudo_750xFB

pt2-04 quem acrescenta_750xFB

pt2-05 vaguear_750xFB

pt2-06 em frente a minha janela_750xFB

pt2-07 isso e que era lotus_750xFB

pt2-08 voo sem destino_750xFB

pt2-10 coracao de crianca_750xFB

pt2-13 acordei_750xFB

pt2-12 hoje carrego_750xFB

pt2-18 a pensar em que eu_750xFB

pt2-09 planicies inviolaveis_750xFB

pt2-14 de som em som_750xFB

pt2-19 gosto do agridoce_750xFB

pt2-20 vida solta coracoes_750xFB

pt2-15 sou um livro_750xFB

pt2-01 tipo de pessoas_750xFB

18 FT-concha do meu caminho_750xFB

17 FT-tapete feito no sitio certo_750xFB copy


Book available here at the publisher : https://www.arandiseditora.pt/products/cenas-maradas/

Poetry by Fátima Peres ( non related Radio Host personality at Rádio Foia / Algarve-Portugal ) 🙂
Art and graphic design by Luis Peres, regular dude and starving artist.



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