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All my work is very influenced by Cinema. Currently my favorite low budget space opera saga is centered around the work of director Neil Johnson which has made one of my favorite space adventures of recent years; a… Read More

“Strangers in the Night” – Frank Sinatra, Blade Runner and Film Noir

As I´ve been getting a lot of requests from people who want to buy my tutorials on how I create this sort of landscapes, this new image ended up being like a test of mine for several techniques… Read More

Toon Space Opera : Making of

Although my creative process on this was a bit random and chaotic as usual here goes a small peek into how I got to build this Space Opera poster from nothing in my mind to the final image…. Read More

Poster Artwork : Scifi Concept Art / 2001 A Space Odyssey / The Neverending Story inspired epic space scene.

This was my last Photoshop big painting before I moved into Clip Studio Paint. I love to create these epic space scenes and this one started also in Blender as I had created a space station model and… Read More