Goodbye Photoshop, Hello Clip Studio Paint : “West of Oz – Fields of Green” – Second Clip Studio painting.

Continuing to explore Clip Studio Paint I´m trying my best to leave Photoshop behind and migrate to this amazing painting software. It has a few drawbacks when compared to Photoshop ( the “Gausian Blur” effect in CSP is terrible and useless ) but in some other ways it´s a better program particularly if you´re looking for a more traditional feel in your artwork. CSP for it´s limitations on image manipulation also forces you to draw and paint “traditionaly” a lot more which in a way is a plus.
So, as I´m still learning my way through this new thing here´s my second painting with it; “West of Oz – Fields of Green” which now seems its becoming part of some sort of ongoing fantasy paitings of mine inspired by the Oz world… I think…
Here it is. CPS number 2.


After more than 15 years using Photoshop for most of my original illustration/concept-art work stuff, I´m replacing it with Clip Studio Paint ( also known as Manga Studio in Japan ).
It can do most of the things I did with Photoshop when it comes to creating a painting, the layers work the same way, etc, but it comes with some really cool pre-made brushes that I love to use. Also it has some great comic creation features which are outstanding.


Don´t let the name of the software fool you, it is not a clipart creation tool but a fully developed software for painting and illustration. Thing of a cross between the classic Painter with plenty of the Photoshop advantages mixed in and you get Clip Studio Paint.
It is known as Manga Studio in Japan but the name is also not very good there too because people may think this is just something to create Manga, which again, it is not.
I have no idea why somebody didn´t give this amazing full illustration creative painting tool a really good name that reflects the true nature of what it can do but for now we´re stuck with “Clip Studio Paint” which must be the most awful and misleading name someone ever gave to an amazing painting sofware.



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