“ROBOT GARDEN” : Original sketches and final artwork.


This was one of the first illustrations when I started to illustrate full time after my in between time where I used to design hospitality software for a software house while working in part-time freelance illustration.
This “ROBOT GARDEN” artwork was one of my first full time commissions that came in about ten years or so ago and it was part of a larger pack of illustrations for a sci-fi magazine at the time.
So below you can see the final illustration and the earlier sketches for this image.

This is also an illustration from before I went fully digital. Now I do most of my stuff in digital art ( the layers thing was a great invention ) but back then I was still doing all my artwork traditionally.
So this one is still from that period when all my scifi and fantasy art was created in real traditional watercolor, acrylics and color pencils. Pen & paper. I´ve only recently retouched the sky digitally.



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