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“THE HIDDEN SPACESHIP” by Serena Ferrari ; Illustrated by Luis Peres. :)

I´ll post the link once the book gets to be available but in the meantime here are some of the pages I´ve illustrated for the project sometime ago. —————————————————————————————————— Here´s some making of videos:   —————————————————————————————————— AVAILABLE FOR… Read More


This is another making of video from “THE HIDDEN SPACESHIP” book. Actually this is not exactly complete because my computer crashed the screen recording process when I was about at 80% of the image and I was not… Read More

“ZEN WORLD” – Fantasy Art

I´m not sure if this can be considered a matte-painting or not because I actually never know exctaly where the boundaries are on those things. Although it´s based on scenery extensions, a bit of photobashing and textures, there´s… Read More

Poster Artwork : Scifi Concept Art / 2001 A Space Odyssey / The Neverending Story inspired epic space scene.

This was my last Photoshop big painting before I moved into Clip Studio Paint. I love to create these epic space scenes and this one started also in Blender as I had created a space station model and… Read More

Goodbye Photoshop, Hello Clip Studio Paint : “West of Oz – Tree of Knowledge” – Fourth Clip Studio painting.

And yet another Clip Studio Paint illustration. Still ajusting to this brand new software after years working with Photoshop. So here´s one pic more inspired by the Oz ( and The Neverending Story ) universe(s). It seems at… Read More


“FORBIDDEN WORLD” : RETRO SCI-FI Illustration Here´s one I did sometime ago just for fun which turned out to be licenced for prints and posters. I love old science fiction in the style of Forbidden Planet; ( I… Read More

“CRUSADER” : MATTE PAINTING Test & Color / Tonal varations

“CRUSADER” : MATTE PAINTING Test & Color / Tonal varations Although most of my work is done purely in “traditional” illustration despite me using digital painting techniques to draw and render my fantasy/science-fiction/Children´s-Book artwork, one area that fascinates… Read More

“ROBOT GARDEN” : Original sketches and final artwork.

This was one of the first illustrations when I started to illustrate full time after my in between time where I used to design hospitality software for a software house while working in part-time freelance illustration. This “ROBOT… Read More

Drawing Tutorial – Part Six – “Endless worlds”

“Endless worlds” Remember i told you that the size of an element or scenery feature you draw at the horizon line determines the scale of any landscape ? Take a look at what happened when I removed the… Read More