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“ZEN WORLD” – Fantasy Art

I´m not sure if this can be considered a matte-painting or not because I actually never know exctaly where the boundaries are on those things. Although it´s based on scenery extensions, a bit of photobashing and textures, there´s… Read More

“GREY GARBAGE” : Making Of – Step by Step – Drawing Tutorial

I´m not sure if this is actually a complete illustration because I was never happy with this because the background is not that good or even completed and I got bored along the way but this is also… Read More

Comics pages : Scifi Artwork

Just a few pages from a comissioned comics work I did a couple years back. American comics style is really not my thing as I grew up in the 70s in the golden age of European/Belgium/French stories so… Read More

JOHN CARTER ARENA – Sketch & Variations

These are the original sketches and some color/tonal variations for one of the illustrations I had most fun in creating this year. I´m a big John Carter fan ( both of the books and the “John Carter” of… Read More