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ESFS Nominations 2018 – I´m on it !

ESFS NOMINATIONS 2018 Hall of Fame Awards – Best Artist Nomination Wow, I just got informed that I was nominated by the ” European Science Fiction Society” for the 2018 Award , related to Artist of the Year… Read More

“MONUMENTS OF MARS : TERRAFORMING TECH – GAIA 2” – Illustration / Concept Artwork.

“MONUMENTS OF MARS : TERRAFORMING TECH – GAIA 2” – Illustration / Concept Artwork. When I did my recent Mars pic, I mirrored one side of the image and suddenly come up with a big column at the… Read More

“MONUMENTS OF MARS : FUTURE PAST” – Illustration / Concept Artwork

“MONUMENTS OF MARS : FUTURE PAST” – Illustration / Concept Artwork I have this illustration book project for years “MONUMENTS OF MARS“, based on my own interest on the classic fringe topic and so now and then in… Read More

“FIRST MEN IN THE MOON” : Concept Art / Illustration

“FIRST MEN IN THE MOON” : Concept Art / Illustration Here´s another pic I just did for fun. Many times I spend so many months just illustrating “regular” children books within that traditional cartoon style that I end… Read More

“CRADLE” : Old comics project

CRADLE This is another old one from about 15 years ago still created in real watercolors, color pencils and ink long before I started to paint in digital. Inspired by one of my all time favorite sci-fi novels… Read More

“ANCIENT ALIENS ON THE MOON” : Making Of – Step by Step

ANCIENT ALIENS ON THE MOON Here goes another step-by-step making of for everyone that enjoys to learn how these illustrations are made. There is a ton of different illustration techniques to achieve the same result but this is… Read More