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Here´s an example of the type of pics I don´t do very often as they require a lot of human character figures which is something I have not much interest in creating (or talent for) as I preffer… Read More


Here´s one of the first Mars surface images I did for the upcoming Generation Mars book series. This first one in particular won´t be the one used in the book as the second version best suits the description… Read More

The Searchers – Scifi Cover Art Illustration

This is my first 2019 pic and it was just done for fun and for portfolio. Inspired by the classic John Wayne western “The Searchers” this is my scifi take on it and the idea was to also… Read More

“ATTACK ALL HUMANS” – Board game Illustration 5 – Tonal variations.

Well, continuing with my posts about the “ATTACK ALL HUMANS” board game, here are a few more pics with plenty of color and tonal variations I did some months ago for this project, soon to be available. This… Read More

“ATTACK ALL HUMANS” – Board game Illustration – Tonal variations for an unused painting.

Yet another painting I did many months ago for the “ATTACK ALL HUMANS” board game, now in its test phase. These are a few of the tonal variations I did to play with color for this scene back… Read More

“Untitled animation project” is all that I can say.

And about this one, “untitled animation project” is all that I am allowed to say due to a confidentiality agreement. 😉 This is a set of 6 color concept art small sketches/paintings done over a weekend. —————————————————————————————————— AVAILABLE… Read More


” SPACE PORT – ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES” This was inspired by one of my favorite scifi movies “NATURAL CITY“. I love oriental cinema and this movie in particular has a spaceport romantic scene that inspires me a lot, … Read More

Goodbye Photoshop, Hello Clip Studio Paint : “West of Oz – South of Fantasia” – Sixth Clip Studio painting.

And here it goes. Here´s the final illustration I´ve been working on the last few days just to relax between another book project I´m doing right now and which has nothing to do with this image now. 🙂… Read More

Poster Artwork : Scifi Concept Art / 2001 A Space Odyssey / The Neverending Story inspired epic space scene.

This was my last Photoshop big painting before I moved into Clip Studio Paint. I love to create these epic space scenes and this one started also in Blender as I had created a space station model and… Read More


“ELDORADO SPACEPORT” – Blender ANIMATICS It was not in my plans to create an animation out of the low poly basic models I did in Blender sometime ago but things just kept building up and I ended up… Read More

“MONUMENTS OF MARS : TERRAFORMING TECH – GAIA 2” – Illustration / Concept Artwork.

“MONUMENTS OF MARS : TERRAFORMING TECH – GAIA 2” – Illustration / Concept Artwork. When I did my recent Mars pic, I mirrored one side of the image and suddenly come up with a big column at the… Read More

“MONUMENTS OF MARS : TERRAFORMING DAYS” – Illustration / Concept Art

“MONUMENTS OF MARS : TERRAFORMING DAYS” As I´ll be illustrating for a board game next before I started that project I wanted to warm up so I created another of my Martian illustrations which I plan to turn… Read More