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“ATTACK ALL HUMANS” : Board Game – World Sites Expansion

Just one of the initial ideas for the new expansion for the Attack All Humans board game. The expansions will be the center of a new Kickstarter campaign soon and there´s plans for a lot more if all… Read More

Poster Artwork : Scifi Concept Art / 2001 A Space Odyssey / The Neverending Story inspired epic space scene.

This was my last Photoshop big painting before I moved into Clip Studio Paint. I love to create these epic space scenes and this one started also in Blender as I had created a space station model and… Read More

“CRADLE” : Old comics project

CRADLE This is another old one from about 15 years ago still created in real watercolors, color pencils and ink long before I started to paint in digital. Inspired by one of my all time favorite sci-fi novels… Read More