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Canyon Riders

Just another of my “test pics” to play around with the new Surface Pro 6 I got some days ago. See my other post below for more details on this device. This one is also part of my… Read More


  Another one from my “speed painting” current trend. Although “speed” is not even the right description for this process because although it didn´t took me 12 hours or so to complete it also didn´t took me 30… Read More


More of a book cover than anything else but I just did this for a video tutorial so I decided to post it here anyway. This is a good example of what I mean when I say everyone… Read More

“THE HIDDEN SPACESHIP” by Serena Ferrari ; Illustrated by Luis Peres. :)

I´ll post the link once the book gets to be available but in the meantime here are some of the pages I´ve illustrated for the project sometime ago. —————————————————————————————————— Here´s some making of videos:   —————————————————————————————————— AVAILABLE FOR… Read More


All my work is very influenced by Cinema. Currently my favorite low budget space opera saga is centered around the work of director Neil Johnson which has made one of my favorite space adventures of recent years; a… Read More

“Untitled animation project” is all that I can say.

And about this one, “untitled animation project” is all that I am allowed to say due to a confidentiality agreement. 😉 This is a set of 6 color concept art small sketches/paintings done over a weekend. —————————————————————————————————— AVAILABLE… Read More


“ELDORADO SPACEPORT” – Blender ANIMATICS It was not in my plans to create an animation out of the low poly basic models I did in Blender sometime ago but things just kept building up and I ended up… Read More

Secondary concept art / sketchbook tests or illustrations I didn´t used.

Secondary concept art / sketchbook tests or illustrations I didn´t used. When you work fulltime in illustration you end up doing a ton of stuff you never show anyone. Either test pics, speedpainting images, illustration experiments or just… Read More


“AS AVENTURAS DO PRÍNCIPE ZIPH” … em MARTE : LIVRO 3 : VERSÃO PORTUGUESA; (Portuguese Original Version). Este é o terceiro livro da versão PORTUGUESA original que eu criei inicialmente para a minha banda-desenhada entre 2004 e 2009…. Read More

“ONCE UPON A TIME ON MARS : THE ADVENTURES OF PRINCE ZIPH” – VOLUME THREE ; FANTASY / SCI-FI COMICS ; (2009 Version : Traditional Watercolors / Acrylics / Color Pencils ).

You can learn more details about this old comics project of mine if you click on this link ( you can also download a free pdf for this THIRD book ). Now the idea here is to post… Read More