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Many people ask me how to start illustrating for a children book, so this is an example of how I start to illustrate a book. I´m not actually one of those illustrators who do a lot of pre-planning… Read More

SKETCH : “West of Oz – Midnight Harbour” – Pic 7 : Work in Progress – Phase I

Continuing to create these pics to relax between commissioned illustration work, here´s the first steps for yet another West of Oz pic of mine which I just started. Work in progress. Stay tuned for more tomorrow. To be… Read More

SKETCH : “West of Oz – Pic 4” : Phase II

Continuing to create my new illustration here´s my original sketch taken to another detail level. I´m picking up details and them zoom them out adding new stuff around. Of course I´m sure that as usual none of this… Read More

SKETCH : “West of Oz – Pic 4”

I´m not exactly a sketchbook artist. Most of my sketches tend to lead nowhere and what usually happens is that 99% of all my illustration work that starts with some kind of sketch or pre-planning stage will inevitably… Read More

Mix: Very Old Doodles, Sketches, Scribbles, Tests and stuff 1…

Very Old Doodles and Sketches and stuff 1… Sketches I did back on my army days or earlier back in the late 80s early 90s perhaps… I found an old folder with some small scans of a few… Read More

Thumbnail Sketches 2

Just a few more thumbnail sketches I did a few years ago with some color or tonal variations so you can get an idea of how a complex illustration can start from simple stuff. —————————————————————————————————— If you liked… Read More

“ANCIENT ALIENS ON THE MOON” : Making Of – Step by Step

ANCIENT ALIENS ON THE MOON Here goes another step-by-step making of for everyone that enjoys to learn how these illustrations are made. There is a ton of different illustration techniques to achieve the same result but this is… Read More

Mascots : Toothpaste campaign

MASCOTS Just a few mascots I did years ago for a toothpaste marketing campaign poster and packaging.  

“RUSTING WORLD” : Early concept sketches for an old Video Game project.

About 25 years ago, when computers had 256 color screens and were just leaving the age of the old green screen MS-DOS style monitors; I worked for a company that developed not only the first Portuguese PC Video… Read More

“ROBOT GARDEN” : Original sketches and final artwork.

This was one of the first illustrations when I started to illustrate full time after my in between time where I used to design hospitality software for a software house while working in part-time freelance illustration. This “ROBOT… Read More


Back in 1996 after we completed the work on what became the first PC Video Game professionally produced in Portugal “GAMBYS“; the company decided to start another project. These are some of the initial ballpen detailed doodles I… Read More

Little Witch

This is just the first test I did on an illustration for a commissioned set of pics to illustrate a poetry childrens book some years ago. I wanted to try and see what color mood could work best… Read More