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Goodbye Photoshop, Hello Clip Studio Paint : “West of Oz – Choir Practice” – Fifth Clip Studio painting.

And here it is. I think I´m starting to get the grasp with this Clip Studio Paint now that I´ve abandoned Photoshop for good after more than a decade illustrating all my stuff with Adobe. This is the… Read More


“AS AVENTURAS DO PRÍNCIPE ZIPH” … em MARTE : LIVRO 3 : VERSÃO PORTUGUESA; (Portuguese Original Version). Este é o terceiro livro da versão PORTUGUESA original que eu criei inicialmente para a minha banda-desenhada entre 2004 e 2009…. Read More

“ONCE UPON A TIME ON MARS : THE ADVENTURES OF PRINCE ZIPH” – VOLUME THREE ; FANTASY / SCI-FI COMICS ; (2009 Version : Traditional Watercolors / Acrylics / Color Pencils ).

You can learn more details about this old comics project of mine if you click on this link ( you can also download a free pdf for this THIRD book ). Now the idea here is to post… Read More

“RUSTING WORLD” : Early concept sketches for an old Video Game project.

About 25 years ago, when computers had 256 color screens and were just leaving the age of the old green screen MS-DOS style monitors; I worked for a company that developed not only the first Portuguese PC Video… Read More

“WALKIN´THE ALIEN” : MAKING of – Digital Painting Tutorial – Step by step Illustration

And here´s another step-by-step illustration for those of you who like to see how an image can be created. This is just one of my methods. There are a ton of other ways to create an illustration but… Read More