Many people ask me how to start illustrating for a children book, so this is an example of how I start to illustrate a book. I´m not actually one of those illustrators who do a lot of pre-planning and extensive sketches but I like to go through each text at this early stage and just translate it into a storyboard as if I was doing it for a movie as all my artwork is very cinematic anyway. At this stage is not about details but about the visual compositions and about the overall mood for each scene.

Story and text copyright by Serena Ferrari – 2019

1500xThe Hidden Spaceship STORYBOARD 1 - Spreads 01-10 TEXT1500xThe Hidden Spaceship STORYBOARD 2 - Spreads 11-20 TEXT1500xThe Hidden Spaceship STORYBOARD 3 - Spreads 21-25 TEXT

Once I get this right the rest is actually easy because it´s all about rendering and fine tuning each detail until a page is finished. But that´s another topic for later. For now this is how i start.

Check out the making of video below:










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