“THE MONUMENTS of MARS” : COMICS Color Sketches & Tests . Work in Progress

Besides wanting to do a comics adaptation of the novel “The Neverending Story” one of these days, another one of my dream projects is to put to paper a story that I have in my imagination since I started to follow the Face on Mars thing more than 30 years ago and which is a mix of all those fringe themes with the cosmological scope of an Olaf Stapledon I love called “The Last and First Men” written back in the 1930s which even was a major influence on Arthur Clarke for his Rendez-vous-with-Rama novels later on.
So I have my own take on a cosmological saga spanning millions of years and it all starts with a little nod to the Martian enigma. I´ve been creating some illustrations to train for that project which you can see on my main gallery here on this site ( the Mars ones ) , but a couple years ago I had some time to spare and I started to doodle what you will see next.
I wanted to keep it loose in style and so I just kept on sketching and painting without much thought put into it. So this is some sort of sketchbook artwork.
Enjoy, although the text is still in Portuguese here.

Pag 01-TEXT - 1250X

Pag 02-TEXTO - 1250X

Pag 03-TEXTO - 1250X

Pag 04 - TEXTO - 1250X

Pag 05 - TEXTO - 1250X

Pag 06 - TEXTO - 1250X

Pag 07 - TEXTO - 1250X

Pag 08 - TEXTO-1250X

I didn´t took it further due to lack of time but also because I noticed that I was starting to use an american comics visual language on the layouts and I don´t want to create a scifi comics story within that particular style. I want it to look like an old European BD (comics) from the golden age of French-Belgium BD of the late 1970s, something within a Luc Orient / Valerian / Bernard Prince / Druuna type of thing and stay as much further away possible from the american super-hero visual formula.
I plan to restart this sometime in the future as my scifi story is still developing inside my imagination and so when I have the time I will work on this for sure. Maybe I won´t just do a comics story but a mix between a novel an illustration book and comics.
Let´s see what the future brings.


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