Space Opera Toon Style Poster

This one came out of the blue. I had this project to do with some subjective guidelines as the image had to have the company logo and be about space; and so things just started to happen. After a character came another and I decided to create some sort of animation movie poster for a movie that does not exist.


Much of this started to pick up references from known stuff from modern popular culture, such as Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Star Wars and all that, but actually the real base foundation for this idea came from the old Buster Crabe , Flash Gordon serials from the 1930s and also from the old E.E.Doc Smith 1940s Space Opera pulp fiction novels, like “Space Hunters” or “Lord Tedric” which defined and invented back then what nowadays we see in modern encarnations of the genre like Star Wars for example.

Much of my scifi work is heavily inspired by the old scifi pulp novel classics from the early XXth century, like John Carter, or from the early scifi movies like Things to Come, Forbidden Planet and such.

This one just happens to be in a toon style similar to the one I also used several years ago on my fantasy/scifi comics, “Once Upon a Time on Mars“.



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